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Ladies Night Time

We really do have more fun with friends!
One of the key benefits of going out with your girlfriends is that you will have a night of unbridled fun. Everything you do is better when you are with friends.
Connect with your girlfriends to connect with yourself! Strengthen social bonds. Enjoy an adult conversation that does not revolve around work, school or children. Catch up in person.

Endorphin time

Feeling blue?  Chase those blues away with a night on the town.
My favorite form of exercise is laughing. Fits of laughter have been linked to reduced pain and mental stress, stronger social bonds, and improved immune system response, too.
Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself with a fun night with the ladies?
At Grapevine paint parties in Penticton BC, we’re known to act silly and laugh till it hurts! No judgment here!

A night on the town!

Treat yourself to a night on the town!
You deserve a break from everyday drudgery. We live in a hectic world and women wear so many hats. Between the responsibility of home and work we hardly have a moment to ourselves. We are always doing something for someone else… children, husband, family, boss, and don’t leave any time for ourselves.

Love’n Life & Art

  • Stimulate your creative side.
  • Leave your worries behind to relax and meditate.
  • Painting is a form of meditation.
  • Meet people in an inviting environment.
  • Your worries and woes melt away while you loose yourself in the creative act of putting brush to canvas.

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