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Paint Night Party History

Our company, Paint Night Party, is owned and operated by local artist Okanagan Kathleen Hamel. It is a fully family run B.C. business, based in Peachland British Columbia.

While paint ‘n sip parties are a natural fit for Kelowna — given that the Okanagan is home to some of the best wineries anywhere — the history of our Paint Night Party business begins with a broader history. We didn’t invent the model! Rather, painting parties as we know them were first pioneered in New Orleans in 2007 by Painting With a Twist — where two women started running them to bring people together after Hurricane Katrina. That same model was then later revised by the more widely known Paint Nite franchise.

Not a Distant American Corporation

One of the important differences between us and Paint Nite is that we are not a distant American corporation, we’re the exact opposite — a small B.C. startup in the Okanagan Valley run by the same artist that hosts the events. We’re about as folksy as it gets, really.

What also sets us apart, and is often remarked by our customers, is that we’re closer to a painting class in many ways. We do a lot of one-on-one tips and training during our painting parties and we create a vibrate community of painters at each session. We encourage discussion and interaction between our painters and that comes out every night, making it very fun, open, and supportive.

In a sense, we’re closer to the original paint party inspiration — community and bringing people together — which is why we also host our Painting Party Meetup groups!

Part of the Okanagan Community

As a local business, our community truly matters to us. We deeply appreciate all the support we’ve received throughout the Okanagan valley; especially from all of the paint night artists who have attended our events; and for all of the wineries, bars, and restaurants that provide us with such amazing venues, food, and wine!

We’re so grateful for the wonderful community of people who love the Okanagan — and it’s wine and art — as much as we do!

Paint Night Party Kelowna - Group Photo

Mission: Valuable & Fun Experiences

The mission of Paint Night Party is focused on offering truly valuable events filled with painting, fun, food, wine, and friends in the Okanagan! That’s what we are all about. Join with friends — and meet some new ones — while playing and painting in a relaxed, paint and sip atmosphere.

Kathleen Hamel

Kathleen Hamel is an engaging and experienced art instructor and talented painter. Born in Alberta and now based in Peachland, BC., she has over 25 years of experience as a professional artist ranging from gigantic commercial murals to hand painted pet portraits.

You’ll enjoy Kathleen’s folksy guidance, following her instructions step-by-step in creating their own masterpieces!

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